Jet lag (and going to bed at 8.30) meant an early rise today. Mission for the day, to get the bike! The bike store is about 8 miles north of the city centre, getting there was easy, getting back was not. Gregg’s bike shop was the destination, the staff were really good and got the bike ready to go and gave me directions to the nearest beach. Why the beach? To get the customary back wheel dip photo (photo to follow). After the photo, i headed back to the hostel. 2 hours and about 20 miles later i made it, via the Seattle needle, this was supposed to be an easy day before i start tomorrow, but got back to the hostel as tired as i would be after a whole day of cycling. This resulted in another 8.30 bed for me, after a had packed up the bike.



Tomorrow i get the 7.30am train from Seattle to Vancouver, WA to start the trip.



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5 responses to “Prologue

  1. Les

    Really enjoying reading your posts Sam – this will be the adventure of a lifetime and we are so lucky, we get to live it to through you :o) xxx

  2. mother

    wow nice bike sam. that doesnt look like the wooden saddle though! Cascade looks amazing if a bit hilly! Are you sure there are no bears

  3. Amy Brenkel

    is les not your mother? i like the blog. hope the first days cycling went well! xxx

  4. Kathleen

    Hey Sam from Scotland, I had a wonderful time pedaling with you today! I hope you made it to Biggs (with a stop at the Deschutes River to cool off!) and found some air conditioning! Get early starts and drink a lot of water. Take time to meet people and see the sights along the way. Things that are easy are often not worth doing, things that are hard are more worthy of your effort! You can do it! Your Day 2 Pedaling Friend, Hood River to The Dalles

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