They let me in!! USA here i am.

So the day has arrived. An early start at Edinburgh airport, next stop the USA. The first flight, a 7 hour hop across the Atlantic, got off to a good start, with a slight upgrade resulting in more, much needed leg room.


Two films and two meals later, we were in new York.


Then there was  a slight delay at passport control (probably due to my suspicious motive for travel). Not a problem though, i was through security with plenty of time before my next flight, even enough time to enjoy my first American dinner. It arrived so quickly that Im not sure that i had even finished ordering yet, however the size of portions is something that Im going to have to get used to, won’t be too difficult.


Second flight complete, no upgrade left me furious. Train from the airport to the centre of Seattle, checked into the hostel. By this time it was 4am UK time, so i went to bed, interesting stories will have to wait for another day.


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  1. Rapha et Brett

    Rapha dit : you took a cocktail? I hope all is well thus far!

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