Welcome to the daily diary of my coast to coast cycle across America.

With British cycling on top of the world, I thought it would be very good of me to take our talent abroad and show the rest of the world how it is done. My first stop will be the USA. Flying out to Seattle, WA on the 8th August, I aim to cycle 3,800 miles across the country to Boston, MA.

Why would I want to do this?? Going to America after graduation was always part of my plan, cycling across it certainly wasn’t!! I started to plan all the  places I wanted to visit, things that I wanted to do and sports events that I wanted to see. But then came the brainwave to travel by bike. So after three years of inactivity, I started to prepare myself for the big challenge. Joining the uni gym has become an annual event for me, but actually going to it was something new. Trying to tear myself away from uni work proved very difficult as usual but by the end of 2011 I was in decent shape. Into 2012, as the weather improved, I began to rack up some miles on a real bike. However, this highlighted another problem. The old adage of “you never forget, it’s just like riding a bike” certainly doesn’t apply to me, although perhaps the problem is that I never really learned to ride in the first place. Slowly I got better on the bike and now have the ability to do most of the basic cycling moves. Fitness and riding ability had reached a sufficient level, so I am going for it. It could be the last chance to do such a long tour, so its now or never. USA here I go!!!

A little bit about the site to make life easier for those who struggle slightly with technology. Daily updates of my trip, including pictures, distances and stories can be found in the section ‘The Blog’ at the top of the page. The provisional route that I will take can be found in the section of ‘The Route’. Next to this is the section ‘Follow Me’ which is a link to another blog site with an interactive map which illustrates exactly where I am, where I’ve been and where I am going. The final section ‘Sponsor Me’ is a link to my justgiving page where I am raising money for CHAS, a hospice for terminally ill children.

Fell free to leave comments, encouragement, criticisms, insults I don’t mind, it will all drive me on to go faster and further. Hope you enjoy!!!


33 responses to “Home



    • Bonar

      Hi Sammy Boy,
      Good to see that progress is continuing at pace now – you averages 15.42857 mph over your 54 mile stretch – one of these aerodynamic hats may get you down to 15.42 mph average on the downhills.
      I read you were having trouble with the snow patrols – did not realise it would be so cold that they would be out.
      Your mum is worried about your pizza intake but Jon insists they are a balanced diet.
      Hope the good progress continues – enjoy every moment


  2. Neil

    Will be following your adventure very closely..all the best!

  3. Peter Engedal

    This is pretty cool, Sam. I always thought you had a bit of Cavendish in you. Enjoy the ride. I will be immensely jealous all the way..

  4. Josh

    Great site Sam we look forward to following your journey. Vasbyte man !

  5. Angus

    Hey Sam, I agree with everyone elee – great site, looking forward to following your trials (Scotio/South African man gets 6 months after arrest in Seattle) and tribulations! Disappointed not to see a photo of you lost at the airport! Keep pedalling!

  6. Bert

    When can we expect the first report? Look forward to your daily comments! All the very best and hope the experience is everything you wished for ….

  7. Amy Brenkel

    This is a great site, I love your writings so far. Today I attempted to carry a sofa bed down the stairs myself – I did not manage. Hope your day has come with more success! Miss you xxx

  8. Anne Jonas

    Amazing venture! Will be following you!

  9. Angus

    Hey Sam, great detailed Bloggs so far – bit disappointed about the lack of sightings of cougar, bear…red indians! I’ve noticed a theme with your evening meals – sure you’re not sponsored by Dominos?! Classic line from the bike shop attendant! Btw…Walla Walla? You sure you’re on the right continent?! Keed on pedalling pal.

  10. Ash and Sean

    Good luck Sam, will be following you on your website. All the best x

  11. Cedrene

    Hey Sam! Show these guys what South African blood can do! We behind you all the way…..will certainly keep coming back to check in:-)

  12. Andrew Wells

    Hi Sam! This is the first day i’ve managed to log on to your site, it will make better reading than the paper each day.
    All the best Andy & Catherine

  13. Hi Sam. I can’t remember you mentioning this in person. Pretty epic…
    I’ll be following on here
    What can I say, get those calves pumpin’
    All the best,

  14. Iain

    Great Blog site! Keep up the hard work and enjoy it as much as you can! Amazing! All those early rises alone! What has happened to Rip!

  15. VIct

    Hey Sam Great site hope all is going well All looks cool! Keep pedalling
    See you soon
    Victoria and Silas

  16. Jim Payne

    Hi Sam
    Hope all goin well, very jealous of your adventure!
    I’d love to share your blog with dunf press readers and cyclists! Is this ok?

    Kind regards

  17. Don. Morrison

    Hey Sammy ! Bit late on catching up on your blog sorry.
    Been a busy time wot with the all Aberdour open to all bat and ball championships.
    Glad to hear all is going well I am really wanting to do something of the same . Perhaps when I grow up!
    You dont mention any wildlife is their no bears ,wildcats etc. Bet there is loads of “Cougars” sorry…
    You could consider buying some good tyres not certain if Schwalbe are available in the States if so consider Marathon plus they have a kevler lining a should help your puncture problems.
    Will follow your progress with interest
    Meanwhile dont be a “gutter hugger” we know what i mean…


    Don Morrison.

  18. Linda mercer

    Hey Sam

    All sounds great,enjoy the journey,it’s for a great cause

  19. Robin Law

    Went out on my bike yesterday and did ten miles at 8.2mph average. I feel so inadequate! Sore bum too. By the way an uncle of mine was made an honorary deputy sherriff of Lincoln some years back but I think that was Nebraska.

  20. howi and family

    We thinking of you, hope all going well

  21. Calum Parker

    Hi Sam,

    My Mum just told me of this challenge you set yourself. And a challenge it is!
    You are beasting it so far like, day 27 and a lot of miles covered.

    Keep digging deep and keep eating lots of rubbish food! Keep eating those pizzas dude and keep up the hard work!

    Over and out,


    • Thanks calum, i hear that you haven’t done much cycling since your massive excursion in the forces, i fear that this trip might have similar consequences on my cycling career. Cheers for the message, appreciate it bud.

  22. Ann Realey

    Hi Sam

    How’s it going? Keep thinking of you. Think you’ve well earned your ticket to Old Trafford – see you when you’re back then!!!

    Love The Realeys
    ps Did you spot Fergie cheering on Murray?

  23. iain clark

    Keep it up Sam – you’re a cycling legend!
    iain and dulce, park lane

    • Lee Ann Finn

      Hi Sam!!!!!

      It was wonderful to get to meet you at Kwik Trip today!!!!
      Thank you very much for taking the time to visit with me.
      As i said, it had been a rough day and meeting you, hearing of your adventures reminded me of matters much more important, again, thank you!!!!!
      I made home made cookies that my children and i wanted to deliver to you tonight……we headed out…..but only made it to Hokah, and we were traveling by car ….. Long story……anyway….i will be following your trek with intetest.

      Lee Ann Finn

  24. Paige Morgenthal

    Hey Sam,
    Wonderful to have spent Saturday with you and your parents. How are the tyres doing? Hope you continue to have a wonderful adventure. Let me know if there’s anything you need or any other way that we can assist you while you’re traveling in the US. I’ll be eagerly awaiting each new blog post as you head to Boston.


  25. Bernadette Doyle

    Well done and keep pushing ahead. You’re doing a fabtastic thing.


  26. Christine Roberts

    Hey Sam,

    My name is Christine Roberts and I am a reporter at the New York Daily News. We’d love to talk to you about your journey for a story on our website. Please let me know how I can best contact you.


  27. Laura

    Thanks for stopping into the B’ville Diner today!! It was great meeting you! Keep it going…and enjoy the ride!! -Your friends at the B’ville Diner, Baldwinsville, NY

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